Tripleurospermum inodorum (L.) Sch. Bip.
Synonym: Matricaria perforata
Coefficient of Conservatism: *
Coefficient of Wetness: 0
Wetness Index: FAC
Physiognomy: Ad A-Forb

Matricaria perforata of Michigan Flora.

A European native, locally established as an adventive. Collected as a lawn weed near Lansing (Ingham Co.) in 1886 but not again in the state until the 1960’s. As the name suggests, this plant is nearly or quite odorless when bruised. We follow Applequist (2002) and Hansen & Christensen (2009) in applying this name to our species; sometimes subsumed under Tripleurospermum maritimum as subsp. inodorum (L.) Appleq.


Alpena County
Baraga County
Bay County
Ingham County
Keweenaw County
    Only on Isle Royale
Montmorency County
Oceana County
Saginaw County


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