Petasites hybridus (L.) G. Gaertn., B. Mey. & Scherb.
Coefficient of Conservatism: *
Coefficient of Wetness: -3
Wetness Index: FACW
Physiognomy: Ad P-Forb

Petasites hybridus colony A. A. Reznicek colony

A native of Europe, locally well established in moist ground at Marquette and in Eaton Co.; first collected in both areas in 1976.

Cultivated as an ornamental for its striking foliage, blades of the reniform to orbicular, shallowly angular-lobed, finely toothed basal leaves are huge, often as broad as 3.5 dm and are recorded as 1 m on plants in Eaton Co. An update on the status of this species in Michigan is provided by Rotter (2018). A similar species, Petasites japonicus, is occasionally cultivated, both for the large leaves and as the Japanese vegetable fuki, and is known as an escape in Ontario. It differs from P. hybridus in its whitish flowers and unlobed leaves.


Eaton County
Marquette County


MICHIGAN FLORA ONLINE. A. A. Reznicek, E. G. Voss, & B. S. Walters. February 2011. University of Michigan. Web. September 24, 2021.