Thladiantha dubia Bunge
Coefficient of Conservatism: *
Coefficient of Wetness: 5
Wetness Index: UPL
Physiognomy: Ad P-Vine

A dioecious east Asian perennial herbaceous vine, found as an occasional weed of disturbed areas, fencerows, and gardens, especially to the east of Michigan. Found by C. Crancer to be scattered as a weed in various plantings and also among planted conifers at the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens (Washtenaw Co.) in 2010. Only male plants were seen, but their origin is unknown.

The deep seated tubers, the size of small potatoes, offer both an effective way of persisting and a dispersal mechanism. The hooked hairs make the leaves act like Velcro.


Washtenaw County


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