Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planch.
Coefficient of Conservatism: 5
Coefficient of Wetness: 3
Wetness Index: FACU
Physiognomy: Nt W-Vine

Thickets, swamps, and upland deciduous forests, often festooning trees in swamp forests and floodplains.Rare and mostly along larger rivers northwards (or perhaps some records spread from cultivation). 

The undersides of the leaflets, at least on the main veins, and the petioles are usually ± puberulent in our specimens, although rarely they are completely glabrous. The fruit is not reported to have more than 3 seeds. A strong climber, this is the only other native species besides poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) that will climb up tree trunks using short aerial roots formed along the vine. Rapidly growing climbing shoots may have small leaves with only three leaflets; such shoots are not found in P. inserta.


Allegan County
Antrim County
Barry County
Benzie County
Berrien County
Branch County
Calhoun County
Cass County
Charlevoix County
Cheboygan County
Clinton County
Crawford County
Eaton County
Gogebic County
Gratiot County
Hillsdale County
Huron County
Ingham County
Iosco County
Jackson County
Kalamazoo County
Kent County
Lake County
Lapeer County
Leelanau County
Lenawee County
Luce County
Mackinac County
    Only on Bois Blanc, Mackinac, Round Islands
Manistee County
Mason County
Mecosta County
Menominee County
Midland County
Monroe County
Montcalm County
Muskegon County
Newaygo County
Oceana County
Ontonagon County
Osceola County
Ottawa County
Presque Isle County
Saginaw County
Sanilac County
St. Joseph County
Washtenaw County
Wayne County


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