Pyrus calleryana Decne.
Coefficient of Conservatism: *
Coefficient of Wetness: 5
Wetness Index: UPL
Physiognomy: Ad Tree

A commonly planted Asian ornamental, now beginning to become established along roadsides and in fields. First collected in Michigan by W. W. Brodovich in Oakland Co. in 1998. The invasiveness of this species was clearly noetd by Culley & Hardiman (2007), and without doubt the mapped distribution underrepresents its occurrence.

Styles are mostly two in this species, but a small percentage of flowers with 3 styles seem to occur in otherwise typical plants. Some trees in the Ann Arbor (Washtenaw Co.) area (e.g., A. A. Reznicek 11746; MICH, MU, DAO) have foliage like P. calleryana, but slightly larger, ellipsoid fruits with a ± persistent calyx and flowers with a preponderance of 3 and 4 styles. These may be hybrids of P. calleryana with P. communis or possibly yet another species.


Barry County
Kalamazoo County
Lenawee County
Oakland County
Washtenaw County


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