Crataegus crus-galli L.
Synonym: Crataegus fontanesiana
Coefficient of Conservatism: 5
Coefficient of Wetness: 0
Wetness Index: FAC
Physiognomy: Nt Tree

Including C. fontanesiana of Michigan Flora.

Along streams and river banks, borders of forests, shores, often on sandy hillsides, sometimes in wet ground; roadsides, fields, pastures.

This is a distinctive species, once learned, with shiny leaves and often clearly layered, horizontal branching. The thorns are often 5–7 cm long and may be as long as 11.5 cm. Plants referred to Crataegus disperma Ashe in Michigan Flora are ± intermediate in appearance between C. crus-galli and C. punctata, and are here considered of hybrid origin.


Allegan County
Barry County
Berrien County
Calhoun County
Clinton County
Eaton County
Hillsdale County
Ingham County
Isabella County
Kalamazoo County
Kent County
Lenawee County
Livingston County
Macomb County
Monroe County
Montcalm County
Muskegon County
Oakland County
Ottawa County
St. Clair County
Tuscola County
Washtenaw County
Wayne County


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