Veronica polita Fries
Common Name: SPEEDWELL
Coefficient of Conservatism: *
Coefficient of Wetness: 5
Wetness Index: UPL
Physiognomy: Ad A-Forb

Veronica polita B. S. Walters

A little prostrate Eurasian species, its smaller flowers on shorter pedicels making it less attractive than V. filiformis and V. persica. First collected in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., where it is still a local weed, in 1870. Since then, becoming recognized as more widespread in lawns, cemeteries, fields, and disturbed ground.

The mature pedicels are ca. (5–) 7–10 (–18) mm long, running shorter than in V. filiformis and V. persica, in which they are ca. 11–22 (–25) mm.

Sometimes included in V. agrestis L., but the capsules of all our plants have very short eglandular hairs in addition to the slightly longer gland-tipped hairs, and the style distinctly exceeds the capsule lobes. The capsules of V. agrestis, known sparingly from adjacent Ontario, have only the longer glandular hairs, and the style equals or is shorter than the lobes. 


Berrien County
Calhoun County
Hillsdale County
Kalamazoo County
Leelanau County
Lenawee County
Newaygo County
Ottawa County
Saginaw County
Washtenaw County


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