Linaria dalmatica (L.) Mill.
Coefficient of Conservatism: *
Coefficient of Wetness: 5
Wetness Index: UPL
Physiognomy: Ad P-Forb

A native of southern Europe, first collected in Michigan in 1945 in Kalamazoo Co. and now locally established along roadsides and railroads, on sand dunes, at borders of forests, and in fields and disturbed places such as vacant lots.

The later name L. macedonica Griseb. applies to this same species, which some recent authors further combine as a subspecies of L. genistifolia (L.) Mill., a taxon tending to smaller flowers and relatively narrow leaves. This is a very attractive tall plant with flowers much as in L. vulgaris but averaging larger and with glaucous foliage, the clasping leaves much broader than in L. vulgaris.


Benzie County
Cheboygan County
Clare County
Emmet County
Grand Traverse County
Houghton County
Kalamazoo County
Leelanau County
Lenawee County
Manistee County
Marquette County
Montmorency County
Muskegon County
Newaygo County
Oakland County
Ottawa County
Schoolcraft County


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