Agalinis purpurea (L.) Pennell
Coefficient of Conservatism: 7
Coefficient of Wetness: -3
Wetness Index: FACW
Physiognomy: Nt A-Forb

Sandy, gravelly, and rocky shores (of Great Lakes and inland lakes and ponds) and interdunal swales, especially after lowering of water levels; fens, sedge meadows, bogs; sand prairies and wet calcareous banks.

This, our commonest and most widespread species in the genus, is also our most easily recognized one, thanks to its short and relatively stout pedicels. The leaves are less than 1.5 mm (very rarely 2.7 mm) broad. Flowering plants may be as short as 5 cm or as tall as 60 cm; in any event, the relatively large ratio of corolla to foliage makes a stand of Agalinis a very colorful sight.

The large-flowered Agalinis purpurea subsp. purpurea has corollas at least 2 cm long, styles ca. 1.5 cm or more long, and calyx lobes less than 2 mm long; such plants are known very locally in the southernmost two tiers of counties. Other relatively large-flowered plants are known north to Newaygo and Saginaw Cos., but these have longer calyx lobes and/or shorter styles. Smaller-flowered plants occur throughout and may be called A. purpurea subsp. parviflora (Benth.) Á. Löve & D. Löve (or var. parviflora (Benth.) B. Boivin). These smaller-flowered plants may, however, have calyx lobes ranging from 1.2–4 mm with little correlation with size of corolla. More work is needed, but it seems that the best generalization for Michigan is that the farther north one goes, the smaller the corollas tend to be. If recognized at species rank, small-flowered plants are A. paupercula (A. Gray) Britton.


Alcona County
Allegan County
Alpena County
Antrim County
Arenac County
Baraga County
Barry County
Bay County
Benzie County
Berrien County
Branch County
Calhoun County
Charlevoix County
    Including Beaver Island
Cheboygan County
Chippewa County
    Including Drummond Island
Clinton County
Crawford County
Delta County
Emmet County
Grand Traverse County
Gratiot County
Huron County
Ingham County
Iosco County
Isabella County
Jackson County
Kalamazoo County
Kent County
Lake County
Leelanau County
    Including Fox Islands
    Including Manitou Islands
Lenawee County
Mackinac County
    Including Bois Blanc, Mackinac, Round Islands
Mason County
Mecosta County
Menominee County
Missaukee County
Monroe County
Montcalm County
Muskegon County
Newaygo County
Oakland County
Oceana County
Otsego County
Ottawa County
Presque Isle County
Saginaw County
Schoolcraft County
St. Clair County
St. Joseph County
Van Buren County
Washtenaw County
Wayne County


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