Ribes oxyacanthoides L.
Coefficient of Conservatism: 9
Coefficient of Wetness: 3
Wetness Index: FACU
Physiognomy: Nt Shrub
Status: SC

Gravelly and rocky clearings, rock cliffs and summits, including the Huron and Porcupine mountains.

A few plants vary in having leaves with extremely obscure glands, ovary pubescent, or stamens clearly exceeding the petals, and could presumably represent the result of hybridization rather than merely variation in R. oxyacanthoides. The rare specimen of R. hirtellum with glandular bracts may be distinguished from this species by eglandular leaves and longer stamens (and from R. cynosbati by the short peduncles and, in some cases, cuneate leaf bases and smooth fruit).


Baraga County
Keweenaw County
    Including Isle Royale
Marquette County
Ontonagon County


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