Gentianopsis virgata (Raf.) Holub
Synonym: Gentianopsis procera
Coefficient of Conservatism: 8
Coefficient of Wetness: -5
Wetness Index: OBL
Physiognomy: Nt A-Forb

G. procera of Michigan Flora.

A calciphile like G. crinita, but seemingly more often in wetter and peatier sites than the moist sandy meadows G. crinita prefers; fens, sandy, gravelly, rocky, and marly shores, wet meadows, and crevices in limestone (or dolomite) pavements. This is particularly abundant in the straits region, and often makes a magnificent blue display when in bloom in interdunal hollows and calcareous flats along the northern shores of Lakes Michigan and Huron.

Floral differences often cited between this species and G. crinita do not hold up. The corolla in our material of both may be as long as 7–7.5 cm, and both may have stalked ovaries. There does seem to be a tendency for the cilia (fringe) at the end of the corolla lobes in G. virgata to be reduced to little more than irregular teeth. Robust plants may have leaves as broad at the base as in G. crinita, but they are relatively much longer. The small leaves or bracts below the long pedicels are sometimes ovate (shaped as in the larger leaves of G. crinita), while the principal leaves are much longer and linear-lanceolate. See Pringle (2002) for the nomenclature.


Alcona County
Allegan County
Alpena County
Antrim County
Barry County
Bay County
Benzie County
Berrien County
Calhoun County
Charlevoix County
    Including Beaver Island
Cheboygan County
Chippewa County
    Including Drummond Island
Clinton County
Delta County
Emmet County
Hillsdale County
Ingham County
Ionia County
Jackson County
Kalamazoo County
Kent County
Lapeer County
Leelanau County
Lenawee County
Livingston County
Mackinac County
    Including Bois Blanc, Mackinac, Round Islands
Macomb County
Mason County
Montcalm County
Newaygo County
Oakland County
Ottawa County
Presque Isle County
Schoolcraft County
Shiawassee County
St. Clair County
Van Buren County
Washtenaw County
Wayne County


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