Pyrola minor L.
Coefficient of Conservatism: 10
Coefficient of Wetness: 0
Wetness Index: FAC
Physiognomy: Nt P-Forb

Very local under conifers (cedar, jack pine) and at edges of alder or spruce-fir thickets, usually very near Lake Superior. A circumpolar species, so similar around the world in northern latitudes that hardly any attempt has been made to recognize infraspecific taxa.

Very distinctive when the flowers are examined, but rather easily overlooked; however, it seems to be genuinely rare in Michigan. The leaves are thin in texture, rather like those of Orthilia secunda, with minute callus-teeth, but the blades more often obtuse or rounded at the apex.


Alger County
Chippewa County
Houghton County
Keweenaw County
    Including Isle Royale
Luce County


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