1. Larger leaves with blades 1.5–3.5 mm wide and ligule 2.5–6.5 mm long; anthers 0.3–0.5 (–0.6) mm long; larger lemmas ca. 2.1–2.5 mm long.

T. fernaldii

1. Larger leaves with blade (4–) 5–10 mm wide and ligule 5–9 mm long; anthers (0.8–) 1.1–1.5 (–1.7) mm long; larger lemmas 2.7–3.5 mm long.

T. pallida

All species found in Torreyochloa

Torreyochloa fernaldiiFERNALD'S FALSE MANNAGRASS 
Torreyochloa pallidaPALE FALSE MANNAGRASS 


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