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We follow Ohashi & Mill (2000) in recognizing this segregate of Desmodium. Ours are familiar, relatively showy, forest understory plants, annoying only when in ripe fruit.

1. Pedicels less than 1 cm long, even in fruit; inflorescence borne on the leafy stem (leaves usually crowded at base of peduncle); blade of terminal leaflet often about as broad as long or broader.

H. glutinosum

1. Pedicels, at least after anthesis, becoming 1 cm or more long; inflorescence on a long naked (very rarely leafy) peduncle arising from ground level, the stem terminated by a cluster of leaves; blade of terminal leaflet at least 20% longer than broad.

H. nudiflorum

All species found in Hylodesmum

Hylodesmum nudiflorumNAKED TICK-TREFOIL 


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