Crataegus margaretta Ashe
Common Name: HAWTHORN
Coefficient of Conservatism: 5
Coefficient of Wetness: 5
Wetness Index: UPL
Physiognomy: Nt Tree

Thickets, fencerows, roadsides, fields, pastures; borders of forests, stream valleys, river bluffs.

Occasional plants occur with the fruit bright yellow rather than red or orange-red [f. xanthocarpa Sarg.] This species closely resembles C. dodgei, and sometimes the two can be safely distinguished only by the stamen number. Although the thorns are usually relatively short, if present at all, on a shoot of one specimen seen they are as long as 8 cm.


Allegan County
Barry County
Berrien County
Calhoun County
Cass County
Crawford County
Hillsdale County
Ingham County
Ionia County
Kalamazoo County
Kent County
Lenawee County
Montcalm County
St. Joseph County
Washtenaw County


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