Sphenopholis nitida (Biehler) Scribn.
Coefficient of Conservatism: 8
Coefficient of Wetness: 5
Wetness Index: UPL
Physiognomy: Nt P-Grass

Dry forests (oak, etc.); forested bluffs and slopes above streams and wetlands.

Sphenopholis nitita is normally distinctive in having the lower sheaths and their blades finely pubescent with conspicuous spreading hairs. One sheet from Oakland Co., however, is the subsp. glabra (Nash) Scribn., with essentially glabrous or finely scabrous sheaths and blades. Our other two species have the leaves and sheaths glabrous or finely scabrous (rarely sparsely pilose in S. intermedia). 

This is a very local grass, often occurring in low numbers at any site. 



Berrien County
Calhoun County
Cass County
Ingham County
Ionia County
Kalamazoo County
Kent County
Macomb County
Oakland County
Ottawa County
St. Joseph County
Van Buren County
Washtenaw County


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