Fruit morphology may vary on different individuals of the same species, depending on relative shape and size of the fertile locule and the 2 sterile locules.

1. Bracts of inflorescence at least partly ciliate; fruit bearing a corky mass of nearly equal size; corolla lobes blue.

V. locusta

1. Bracts completely lacking cilia; fruit without such a mass; corolla lobes white.

2. Fruit 2.7โ€“4 (โ€“4.2) mm long; stems glabrous (except sometimes at nodes) and leaves glabrous (except sometimes toward base).

V. chenopodiifolia

2. Fruit ca. 1.5โ€“2 mm long; stems pubescent on angles and leaf margins ciliate (sometimes glabrate with age).

V. umbilicata

All species found in Valerianella

Valerianella chenopodiifoliaGOOSEFOOT CORN SALAD 
Valerianella locustaEUROPEAN CORN SALAD 
Valerianella umbilicataKANKAKEE CORN SALAD 


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