The staminate flowers are in the terminal portion of a dense cylindrical spike, the pistillate flowers below.

1. Staminate and pistillate portions of the spike separated; stigmas slender and elongate; pistillate flowers each accompanied by a hair-like bract with a flat spatulate tip (resembling the stigma of T. latifolia, but smaller); hairs of pistillate flowers usually very slightly enlarged and darkened at the tip; leaf blades 3–8 mm wide; summit of leaf sheath usually prominently auricled (with rounded auricles projecting upward).

T. angustifolia

1. Staminate and pistillate portions of the spike not (or only slightly) separated; stigmas broad and flattened, usually very dark at the tip; pistillate flowers bractless and their hairs not enlarged or darkened at the tip; leaf blades 6–15 mm wide; sheaths usually tapered or truncate, not auricled at summit.

T. latifolia

All species found in Typha

Typha angustifoliaNARROW-LEAVED CAT-TAIL 


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