1. Leaves entire or minutely denticulate, strongly clasping at the base, glaucous beneath; nodes and upper internodes glabrous (lower internodes sometimes hispid); tepals spreading or curving from near the middle; flowers whitish green.

S. amplexifolius

1. Leaves prominently ciliate on the margins, the cilia usually visible to the naked eye, sessile or slightly clasping (the larger ones subtending branches more strongly clasping), sometimes paler but not glaucous beneath; nodes and upper internodes ± pubescent or sparsely hispidulous; tepals spreading or recurved only at the tips; flowers usually pinkish (or even maroon).

S. lanceolatus

All species found in Streptopus

Streptopus amplexifoliusTWISTED-STALK 
Streptopus lanceolatusROSE TWISTED-STALK 


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