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Disporum in Michigan Flora.

Like Streptopus and Uvularia, plants are branched, but have leaves pubescent beneath. In addition to the three species known from Michigan, P. lanuginosa (Michx.) D. Don occurs in southwestern Ontario. It differs from the Michigan species by its glabrous ovary even in flower and greenish yellow rather than white tepals. Formerly placed in Disporum, which is now circumscribed to include only Old World species.

1. Tepals copiously purple-dotted; ovary densely glandular-pubescent.

P. maculata

1. Tepals unspotted; ovary hispidulous, especially toward the summit, or papillose.

2. Ovary somewhat hispidulous to essentially glabrous at maturity; leaf margins ciliate essentially to the tip.

P. hookeri

2. Ovary densely papillose; leaf margins not or very sparsely ciliate at and near the tip.

P. trachycarpa

All species found in Prosartes

Prosartes hookeriFAIRY BELLS 
Prosartes maculataNODDING MANDARIN 
Prosartes trachycarpaNORTHERN FAIRY-BELLS 


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