The commonly cultivated street tree, the London plane-tree, P. ×hispanica Münchh. (P. ×hybrida Brot., P. ×acerifolia (Aiton) Willd.), has at least some peduncles with two inflorescences and is a hybrid of our native species with the oriental plane-tree, P. orientalis L. (Grimm & Denk, 2010). Sporadic seedlings near planted trees have been observed, but it does not seem to truly escape as yet. Our native tree has only one spherical inflorescence per peduncle. All species have a distinctive mottled bark, shedding in ± large, dark, irregular, brittle plates, leaving paler green to white areas. The flowers are unisexual, in spherical, peduncled staminate or pistillate heads. The large, firm, alternate, palmately veined leaves roughly resemble in shape those of a maple (or grape) and have the enlarged base of the petiole covering a conical axillary bud.

All species found in Platanus

Platanus occidentalisSYCAMORE 


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