A distictive looking genus in our area, though the distinctions between our two species are not always straightforward in herbarium material. Especially in the western Upper Peninsula, plants with very large fronds, but seemingly most like Phegopteris connectilis are occasional; their identity is unclear, though hybridization has been suggested between these two species in other portions of their range. 


1. Rachis not winged between the lowest two pinnae pairs; petioles finely pubescent and usually also scaly well below the base of the blade; blades usually longer than broad.

P. connectilis

1. Rachis winged between all the pinnae pairs; petioles becoming glabrous essentially immediately below base of blade (within ca. 1 cm), except for occasionally a few scales; blades usually broader than long.

P. hexagonoptera

All species found in Phegopteris

Phegopteris connectilisNORTHERN BEECH-FERN 
Phegopteris hexagonopteraBROAD BEECH-FERN 


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