1. Cauline leaves all or mostly alternate and lobed more than halfway to midrib; plant with stem hairy (especially upwards, blooming in spring or early summer (May–June depending on season and latitude); upper lip of corolla with a prolonged tooth on each side below the entire or shallowly toothed apex; capsule ca. 2–3 times as long as calyx.

P. canadensis

1. Cauline leaves opposite (rarely all alternate), lobed (or coarsely toothed) less than halfway to midrib; plant with stem (at least above) glabrous or nearly so, blooming in late summer and fall (August–September); upper lip of corolla with at most a shallow tooth or angle on each side of the entire or notched apex; capsule scarcely if at all longer than calyx.

P. lanceolata

All species found in Pedicularis

Pedicularis canadensisWOOD-BETONY 
Pedicularis lanceolataSWAMP-BETONY 


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