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1. Spikelets borne in pairs along each side of the rachis (rarely one of the pair aborted, but still represented by a pedicel), mostly 1.8–2.3 mm long; ligule a short (less than 1 mm, usually less than 0.5 mm) membranous band behind which is a dense row of much longer hairs.

P. setaceum

1. Spikelets borne singly along each side of the flattened rachis; mostly 2.6–3 mm long; ligule membranous, 1.5–3 mm long, longer hairs lacking or sparse and near the leaf magins only.  

P. laeve

All species found in Paspalum

Paspalum laeveSMOOTH LENS GRASS 
Paspalum setaceumHAIRY LENS GRASS 


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