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Large Asiatic grasses grown for their robust foliage and decorative silvery plumes in late summer through late fall. Two species escape along roadsides, in old fields and other disturbed successional habitats, as well as dumps. Miscanthus sacchariflorus is perhaps spread mostly by construction equipment and discarding of garden refuse.


1. Awns absent or shorter than the glumes, inconspicuous in the spikelets; callus hairs more than twice as long as the spikelets.

M. sacchariflorus

1. Awns conspicuous in the spikelets and much longer than the glumes; callus hairs less than twice as long as the spikelets.

M. sinensis

All species found in Miscanthus

Miscanthus sacchariflorusEULALIA 
Miscanthus sinensisEULALIA 


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