Micranthes, a segregate of Saxifraga, includes those species with a leafless flowering stem (at most tiny bracts), and (in our species) herbaceous-textured leaves. See Soltis et al. (2001) for more discussion.

1. Larger leaves (10–) 14–35 cm long, obscurely crenulate-toothed to remotely denticulate, entire around the apex; petals (2–) 2.5–3 (–3.5) mm long; plants of swampy habitats.

M. pensylvanica

1. Larger leaves 3–7.5 cm long or even shorter, distinctly toothed, especially around the apex; petals (3–) 3.5–5 (–5.5) mm long; plants of rocky, mostly dry habitats.

M. virginiensis

All species found in Micranthes

Micranthes pensylvanicaSWAMP SAXIFRAGE 
Micranthes virginiensisEARLY SAXIFRAGE 


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