1. Plant a slender annual with cauline leaves less than 1.7 mm broad; corolla red-pink (at least in the Michigan collection).

L. spartea

1. Plant a sturdy perennial with cauline leaves all or mostly at least (1.5–) 1.7 mm broad; corolla yellow.

2. Leaves ovate, ca. 3 times as long as broad or shorter; corolla (including spur) (23–) 27–40 (–43) mm long.

L. dalmatica

2. Leaves linear, tapered to the base, ca. 10 times as long as broad or longer; corolla (18–) 23–28 (–35) mm long.

L. vulgaris

All species found in Linaria

Linaria dalmaticaDALMATIAN TOADFLAX 
Linaria sparteaBUTTER-AND-EGGS 
Linaria vulgarisBUTTER-AND-EGGS 


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