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Plants of this genus resemble Medeola virginiana when in a vegetative state. They can be distinguished by the glabrous, hollow stem and absence of a white tuberous rhizome (although one should never dig up a plant suspected of being one of these rare orchids).

1. Flower sessile or nearly so (though the slender elongate ovary may resemble a pedicel); sepals much less than twice as long as petals, clear green; lip whitish to pale green; stem and leaves distinctly glaucous, the plant with a decided gray or hoary aspect.

I. medeoloides

1. Flower pediceled; sepals about twice as long as petals or longer, purplish; lip greenish yellow, streaked with purple; stem and leaves not glaucous (or the latter somewhat so beneath).

I. verticillata

All species found in Isotria

Isotria verticillataWHORLED POGONIA 


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