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A distinctive characteristic of this genus, and also Piptochaetium and Aristida, is the very firm lemma, with elongate, hard, sharp-pointed, usually bearded callus at the base (included in measurements of lemma).

1. Body of lemma (8–) 10–13 mm long, whitish or very pale brown at maturity; glumes (17–) 22–28 mm long, including long-attenuate awned tip.

H. comata

1. Body of lemma (15–) 17–23 mm long, usually dark brown at maturity; glumes (27–) 30–45 mm long, including attenuate tip.

H. spartea

All species found in Hesperostipa

Hesperostipa comataNEEDLE-AND-THREAD 
Hesperostipa sparteaPORCUPINE GRASS 


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