Our species are native from central Asia to eastern or central Europe, and are here escaped from cultivation. The petals are white to roseate.

1. Pedicels and calyces glandular-pubescent; largest leaves (except on depauperate stems) usually at least 1 cm broad.

G. scorzonerifolia

1. Pedicels and calyces glabrous; largest leaves less than 1 cm broad.

2. Calyx 1–2.1 mm long; perennial 5–8 dm or more tall, from a woody base surmounting a thick root.

G. paniculata

2. Calyx ca. 2.3–4 mm long; annual up to 6 dm tall, from a slender tap root.

3. Leaves usually ca. 4–7 mm wide; lowermost internodes glabrous.

G. elegans

3. Leaves less than 3 mm wide; lowermost internodes minutely pubescent.

G. muralis

All species found in Gypsophila

Gypsophila elegansBABY'S BREATH 
Gypsophila muralisBABY'S BREATH 
Gypsophila paniculataBABY'S BREATH 
Gypsophila scorzonerifoliaBABY'S BREATH 


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