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1. Pappus scales (of disk flowers) lacking an awn; ray flowers with pappus absent or vestigial; gland-tipped hairs of pedicels less than 0.5 mm long; teeth of leaf margin obscure, broadly rounded or little more than thickened bumps.

G. parviflora

1. Pappus scales, or many of them, with a slender terminal awn distinguishable from the cilia; ray flowers with pappus well developed; gland-tipped hairs of pedicels mostly 0.5 mm or more long; teeth of leaf margins usually definite, acute in outline.

G. quadriradiata

All species found in Galinsoga

Galinsoga parvifloraQUICKWEED 
Galinsoga quadriradiataQUICKWEED 


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