Sorbaria might be keyed here if not recognized as woody. It has white flowers and differs from Filipendula in the 5 dehiscent several-seeded follicles and serrate but unlobed leaflets, as well as the woody older stems.

1. Leaves with ca. 8–25 pairs of lateral leaflets.

F. vulgaris

1. Leaves with 2–5 pairs of lateral leaflets.

2. Flowers pink; lateral leaflets usually deeply lobed; fruiting follicles straight.

F. rubra

2. Flowers white; lateral leaflets merely toothed; fruiting follicles strongly curved or twisted.

F. ulmaria

All species found in Filipendula

Filipendula rubraQUEEN-OF-THE-PRAIRIE 
Filipendula ulmariaQUEEN-OF-THE-MEADOW 
Filipendula vulgarisDROPWORT 


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