This is a very difficult genus taxonomically, the species very similar to each other and often not easily recognizable, especially when individuals are small or immature.

The corollas are white or pale blue-purple, with darker purple lines and a bright yellow spot at the base of the lower lip.

1. Calyx, bracts, and leaves glabrous or at most scabrous on some nerves; calyx lobes and leaf teeth tapered into prolonged bristle tips.

E. stricta

1. Calyx, bracts, and leaves pubescent; calyx lobes acute to somewhat bristle-tipped.

2. Cauline leaves (not subtending flowers) strongly cuneate at base, the teeth acute to blunt; calyx pubescent principally on the nerves and lobes; plants sometimes flowering as low as the second node.

E. hudsoniana

2. Cauline leaves broadly cuneate to rounded at base, the teeth rounded to blunt; calyx rather densely hairy throughout; plants flowering only as low as the fifth node.

E. nemorosa

All species found in Euphrasia

Euphrasia hudsonianaEYEBRIGHT 
Euphrasia nemorosaEYEBRIGHT 
Euphrasia strictaEUROPEAN EYEBRIGHT 


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