1. Leaf bases (except sometimes the uppermost) connate around the stem.

E. perfoliatum

1. Leaf bases entirely free and separate from the stem.

2. Leaves with distinct petioles; florets 8–50 (or more) per head.

E. serotinum

2. Leaves sessile or nearly so (at most tapering to a narrow, winged base); florets fewer than 8 (usually 5) per head.

3. Stem densely puberulent on middle internodes; leaves tapered to narrow base (or short-winged petiole), with 3 prominent longitudinal veins (at least on basal half).

E. altissimum

3. Stem glabrous on middle internodes (or sparsely puberulent); leaves truncate to broadly rounded at the base, with only 1 long vein (the midrib) prominent beneath.

E. sessilifolium

All species found in Eupatorium

Eupatorium altissimumTALL BONESET 
Eupatorium perfoliatumBONESET 
Eupatorium serotinumLATE BONESET 
Eupatorium sessilifoliumUPLAND BONESET 


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