Several other species or hybrids of Elaeagnus are occasionally cultivated for fruit, silvery leaves, or fragrant flowers, but only E. umbellata appears voraciously invasive.


1. Leaves and branchlets with only silvery scales; expanded floral tube (i.e., beyond the constriction around the ovary) less than twice as long as the lobes; fruiting pedicels not conspicuously expanded distally, clearly shorter than the fruit.

E. angustifolia

1. Leaves and branchlets, at least when young, with some scattered rust-brown scales; expanded floral tube at least twice as long as the lobes; fruiting pedicels conspicuously expanded distally, about as long as to clearly longer than the fruit.

E. umbellata

All species found in Elaeagnus

Elaeagnus angustifoliaRUSSIAN-OLIVE 
Elaeagnus umbellataAUTUMN-OLIVE 


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