1. Sepals (2.5–) 3–4 mm long; petals 5–7.5 mm long; stem ± soft at base (plant annual or perennial), with most or all leaves in a basal rosette; leaves usually lyrate, sinuate-dentate, or sparsely toothed.

D. muralis

1. Sepals (4–) 5–7.5 mm long; petals 6.5–9.5 (–10.5) mm long; stem hard and woody at base (perennial), leafy to the inflorescence, without a basal rosette; leaves all deeply pinnatifid.

D. tenuifolia

All species found in Diplotaxis

Diplotaxis muralisWALL ROCKET 
Diplotaxis tenuifoliaSAND ROCKET 


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