Plants of both our native species bloom in the early spring, soon set fruit, and die back to the ground by early summer.

1. Inflorescence compound; flowers pink to purple; plant a rare escape from cultivation.

D. eximia

1. Inflorescence a simple raceme; flowers white; plant a common native forest species.

2. Spurs of corolla rounded, the axes nearly or quite parallel (base of flower thus cordate); plant with ± spherical yellow bulblets on a short rhizome.

D. canadensis

2. Spurs of corolla ± triangular, the axes quite divergent at maturity; plant with numerous closely packed, ± flattened (on at least 1 face), fleshy pink bulblets (leaf bases) at ground level.

D. cucullaria

All species found in Dicentra

Dicentra canadensisSQUIRREL-CORN 
Dicentra cucullariaDUTCHMAN'S-BREECHES 


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