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Species of Datura are very poisonous plants, all their parts containing strong alkaloids, including atropine, hyoscyamine, and scopolamine. These are useful in medicine, under carefully controlled conditions, but cultivation for the attractive large flowers is not recommended.

1. Stem and petioles densely puberulent; fruit dehiscing irregularly, on recurved pedicel; flowers ca. 12โ€“20 cm long; leaves entire or with an occasional broad tooth.

D. inoxia

1. Stem and petioles glabrous or nearly so; fruit dehiscing regularly, on erect pedicel; flowers ca. (7.5โ€“) 8โ€“10 cm long; leaves coarsely but clearly toothed throughout.

D. stramonium

All species found in Datura

Datura inoxiaINDIAN APPLE 
Datura stramoniumJIMSON-WEED 


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