1. Longest pedicels on lowest panicle branches 1.1–1.8 times as long as the spikelet (including awns); lower panicle branches spreading to reflexed at maturity.

D. compressa

1. Longest pedicels on lowest panicle branches 0.3–0.9 times as long as the spikelet; lower panicle branches ascending to erect at maturity.

2. Lemmas pilose only on margins and at base (on callus), usually 5 mm or more in length (including teeth but not awn); spikelets strongly purple or bronze in color.

D. intermedia

2. Lemmas at least sparsely pilose across the back, less than 5.5 mm long (very rarely 7 mm if teeth are as long as 2–3 mm); spikelets ± greenish or at most purplish at their tips.

D. spicata

All species found in Danthonia

Danthonia compressaFLAT OATGRASS 
Danthonia intermediaOATGRASS 


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