The leaves are sometimes whorled at some nodes. The flower may appear to have a 2-lobed lower lip, the keel-like middle lobe obscured. The fruit is a spherical-ovoid capsule.

1. Corolla 5–8 mm long, the upper lip often at least partly blue; principal leaves 2–7 mm broad (widest at or beyond the middle); style 3.5–5 mm long; Upper Peninsula.

C. parviflora

1. Corolla 10–17 mm long, the upper lip white; principal leaves 7–26 mm broad (widest below the middle); style (persisting on immature fruit) 8–11 mm long; southern Lower Peninsula.

C. verna

All species found in Collinsia

Collinsia parvifloraBLUE-LIPS 
Collinsia vernaBLUE-EYED-MARY 


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