Several species of Clematis are cultivated, and may occasionally escape. Among those known from adjacent states and Ontario are C. orientalis, with yellow flowers; C. recta, with an erect, non-climbing habit; C. vitalba, similar to C. terniflora in having ± entire leaflets but with perianth segments densely pubescent on the upper surface; and C. viticella, with blue to violet flowers.

1. Perianth pink-purple, the segments ca. 3–4.5 cm long; flowers solitary on elongate peduncles.

C. occidentalis

1. Perianth white, the segments ca. 0.7–2 cm long; flowers in small to large inflorescences.

2. Leaflets coarsely toothed; flowers unisexual; perianth segments finely hairy on the upper surface.

C. virginiana

2. Leaflets entire; at least some flowers bisexual; perianth segments glabrous on the upper surface.

C. terniflora

All species found in Clematis

Clematis occidentalisPURPLE CLEMATIS 
Clematis ternifloraSWEET-AUTUMN CLEMATIS 
Clematis virginianaVIRGIN'S BOWER 


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