The common name is apt, for the flower does indeed resemble the protruding head of a turtle.

1. Corolla white or greenish yellow, rarely slightly pink tinged apically; staminodium greenish; sepals obscurely if at all ciliate; leaf blades (3.7–) 4.5–15 times as long as broad.

C. glabra

1. Corolla pink-purple throughout; staminodium white; sepals finely and closely (though minutely) ciliate; leaf blades ca. 2–5 times as long as broad.

2. Main stem leaves gradually tapering to a petiole 0.5–1.5 cm long, the largest blades 3–4.5 cm wide.

C. obliqua

2. Main stem leaves contracted to a petiole 1.5–3 cm long, the largest blades 4–8 cm wide.

C. lyonii

All species found in Chelone

Chelone glabraTURTLEHEAD 
Chelone lyoniiRED TURTLEHEAD 
Chelone obliquaPINK TURTLEHEAD 


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