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Placed in Ulmaceae in Michigan Flora.

1. Fruiting pedicels ca. 10โ€“20 mm long, at least 1.5 times as long as the subtending petiole; ripe drupes dark purple, coarsely and strongly wrinkled when dry; leaves mostly with acuminate apex and margins toothed nearly to the base.

C. occidentalis

1. Fruiting pedicels ca. 3โ€“10 (โ€“13) mm long, shorter than to slightly exceeding the subtending petiole; ripe drupes orange-brown, remaining plump and smooth when dry; leaves mostly broadly acute to short-acuminate, the margins often entire or nearly so on basal third.

C. tenuifolia

All species found in Celtis

Celtis occidentalisHACKBERRY 
Celtis tenuifoliaDWARF HACKBERRY 


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