1. Inflorescences on peduncles arising from branches of the previous year; shrub usually over 1 m tall; known only from Keweenaw Co.

C. sanguineus

1. Inflorescences on peduncles or branchlets of the current year; shrub less than 1 m tall; widespread.

2. Inflorescences axillary, on peduncles from the upper (2–) 3–7 (–10) nodes (of well developed shoots); widest leaf blades 2.1–5 (–6) cm broad.

C. americanus

2. Inflorescences terminal on leafy branches, occasionally with 1–4 additional lateral peduncles present on robust plants; principal leaf blades 1–2.2 (–2.5 or very rarely 3.5) cm broad.

C. herbaceus

All species found in Ceanothus

Ceanothus americanusNEW JERSEY TEA 
Ceanothus herbaceusNEW JERSEY TEA 


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