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Included in Scirpus in Michigan Flora.

1. Styles 3-cleft; achenes distinctly 3-angled, 4โ€“5 mm long; involucres mostly with 3โ€“5 well-developed bracts; perianth bristles strong, distinctly retrorse-barbed.

B. fluviatilis

1. Styles 2-cleft; achenes biconvex, 3โ€“4 mm long; involucre with 2 well-developed bracts; perianth bristles weak, scarcely half as long as achene, obscurely barbed.

B. maritimus

All species found in Bolboschoenus

Bolboschoenus fluviatilisBULRUSH 
Bolboschoenus maritimusBULRUSH 


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