1. Ovary and fruit ± densely pubescent with long hairs; escapes from cultivation in disturbed places.

A. cicer

1. Ovary and fruit glabrous or nearly so; native species.

2. Pubescence of stem and leaves including many 2-pronged hairs; stipules (at least the lower) connate with a belt of tissue around the stem; fruit 4.5–6.5 mm thick, 2-locular; plants rhizomatous.

A. canadensis

2. Pubescence of stem and leaves all of simple hairs; stipules not connate; fruit 10–15 mm thick, 1-locular; plant from a taproot.

A. neglectus

All species found in Astragalus

Astragalus canadensisCANADIAN MILK-VETCH 
Astragalus cicerCHICK-PEA MILK-VETCH 
Astragalus neglectusCOOPER'S MILK-VETCH 


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