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1. Sessile florets with body (5–) 6–9 mm long and awn tightly twisted basally; stalked floret rudimentary or well developed and staminate; base of at least some racemes usually exserted at maturity; ligule of major culm leaves ca. 0.9–2.5 mm long; stamens 3, the anthers (2–) 2.5–5 (–5.5) mm long.

A. gerardii

1. Sessile florets with body ca. 3–3.5 (–4) mm long and a straight awn; stalked floret usually represented by only a hairy pedicel; base of racemes ± included in spathe-like leaf base even at maturity; ligule of major culm leaves a minutely ciliate scale ca. 0.5–0.6 mm long; stamen 1, the anther not over 1 mm long.

A. virginicus

All species found in Andropogon

Andropogon gerardiiBIG BLUESTEM, TURKEY FOOT 
Andropogon virginicusBROOM-SEDGE 


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