Ferns and Other Spore Bearing Vascular Plants

Please try our next iteration of the Michigan Flora Online here.

The new site offers several benefits over the existing website, including real coordinate mapping, giving a clearer view of the density of documentation as well as more precision about plant distributions and their link to landforms. We will also have the ability to update species pages more regularly, both in terms of new collections and as more existing Michigan specimens are georeferenced. In addition, we have a better photo display, and offer indented keys.

Unlike Michigan Flora, this website attempts to complete the coverage of vascular plants by including a treatment for the ferns and lycophytes in the same format as the seed plants. This treatment has been largely contributed by Robert E. Preston. Because there was no recent treatment of Michigan ferns available, this represents a first attempt at a comprehensive treatment, and we will be especially grateful for comments and additional records.

To browse a list of all the ferns and other spore bearing vascular plants, you can search simultaneously on “Ad Fern, Nt Fern,  Nt Fern Al”  (Adventive Fern, Native Fern, Native Fern Ally) under Physiognomy in the search page.

Our fern families follow Christenhusz, Zhang, & Schneider (2011).