The weedy Eurasian annual Thymelaea passerina (L.) Coss. & Germ. has been collected in dry fields in Lambton Co., Ontario, and near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and probably will be found in Michigan. It is slender, with tiny flowers and tiny, soon deciduous leaves; rather reminiscent of a slender, erect Polygonum. Our two species are shrubs with relatively conspicuous flowers before the leaves expand.

1. Flowers pink or occasionally white; stamens included in the perianth tube; fruits bright red or occasionally yellow (in white-flowered plants); buds glabrous.


1. Flowers yellow; stamens exserted, ripe fruits yellowish-green; buds pubescent.


All species found in Thymelaeaceae

Daphne mezereumDAPHNE 
Dirca palustrisLEATHERWOOD 


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