Please try our next iteration of the Michigan Flora Online here. Beginning on February 1, 2023, will point to this new site.

The new site offers several benefits over the existing website, including real coordinate mapping, giving a clearer view of the density of documentation as well as more precision about plant distributions and their link to landforms. We will also have the ability to update species pages more regularly, both in terms of new collections and as more existing Michigan specimens are georeferenced. In addition, we have a better photo display, and offer indented keys.


This includes Aceraceae and Hippocastanaceae of Michigan Flora


1. Herbaceous vines climbing by tendrils; mature fruits inflated, bladder-like and ±globose.


1. Trees or shrubs; fruits hard capsules or samaras, or if inflated, then triangular in cross section and tapered to the apex.

2. Leaves alternate, pinnate-pinnatifid or sometimes bipinnate.


2. Leaves opposite, simple and lobed or pinnately or palmately compound.

3. Leaves simple and lobed or pinnately compound; fruit a 2-winged samara.


3. Leaves palmately compound; fruit a large capsule.



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